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What People Have to Say

Your words mean a lot to us, and they inspire us to find ways on how to offer even better experiences during our dance classes and camps.


Feedback and Reviews

At the Infinite Dance Studio in Greensboro, North Carolina, we believe in the importance of client feedback. Your words mean a lot to us, and they inspire us to find ways on how to offer even better experiences during our dance classes and camps. If you wish to share your thoughts about our dance studio, you may fill out the testimonial form below.

"My thirteen-year-old daughter has danced with Miss Desiree for several seasons now, and she is just the absolute BEST! Her studio is perfectly appointed and we love that it is centrally located for those in the Greensboro/High Point area. Miss Desiree teaches the girls to have respect for themselves and to work hard to reach their goals. She makes sure they get the proper strength and flexibility training before advancing in skill level so that their skill does not extend to over what their bodies can handle. I truly appreciate that. She is really fabulous at balancing out the fun with the work, and my daughter just LOVES IT. I highly recommend Infinite Dance!"      -Christi H

"Desiree is the best!! She has years and years of experience and more patience and love for all her dancers than anyone in the world! My daughter loves coming to dance every single week! I love the combo class where we can do tap, jazz, and ballet all in one class. It’s awesome! The new studio is awesome too!"       -Catie H

"We have been taking dance lessons with Ms. Desiree for 4 years. She is such an amazing instructor and we have loved our time under her instruction. We have taken a Dance and Tumble class and loved the skills my child has built. We have also taken Jazz/Tap/Ballet classes TWO YEARS in a row. My child has grown confidence and her dance ability over the past few years. The recitals are an amazing time to celebrate all the skills they have built and definitely a highlight of the year. The emphasis on having fun and low pressure from Ms. Desiree makes her such a gem as an instructor. We couldn’t be happier and plan to continue for the foreseeable future. The pivot to online and hybrid classes has also been a game changer for my child to continue her time in dance instruction and allowed her to keep points of social connection, which has been vital for her social/emotional well being. Thank you for all the great thing dancing with Ms. Desiree has done for our family!

We are EXCITED for these NEW BEGINNINGS and can’t wait to start our training at Infinite Dance."      - Antoinette M-D.

“My daughter had so much fun at the dance camp that she wanted to skip the first days of school so she could finish dance camp. Ms. Desiree is an outstanding dance instructor who serves and honors her students in more than just a “dance” capacity. She is emotionally in tune to them and honestly cares about their wellbeing in all aspects. My daughter has loved taking dance at Infinite Dance!!”     - Victoria B


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